Garage Door Top Seal 2.44m or 3.05m lengths (comes in black or white)


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GaraDry Garage Door Top Seal

Perfect for filling that awkward gap between the top of your up and over garage door and its frame, regardless of if your door is manual or automatic.

It is easy to fit, doesn't hamper the opening and closing of the door, and seals gaps of up to 40mm.

When you buy the Top Seal, you get the fixing kit free of charge. This includes the zinc wood screws and washes that you 'll need to attach it to your garage door frame, as well as the instructions. All you need is a tape measure, a pencil, scissors, a hacksaw, and a drill with the appropriate sized drill bit.

If that wasn't enough, it comes in two sizes and a choice of black and white.

How it works

  • The gap between a garage door and garage frame is usually between approximately 10mm and 20mm. This gap needs to be sealed to eliminate moist air being drawn into the garage. The Weather Stop Garage Door Top Seal is designed to seal gaps of up to 40mm.(that's a tad more than 1 ½ inches.) 
  • The top of the garage door will rest against the top seal when the garage door is closed position creating a watertight seal preventing, rain, leaves, dust and debris and draughts from being blown in the top of the garage. When the garage door is opened the top seal is designed to flex
  • Timber beading or large UPVC fitted to the top of the frame does not create a seal. The GaraDry Top Seal is designed specifically to provide a seal between the top of the garage door and the door frame
  • The GaraDry Top Seal effectively blocks moist air being drawn into the garage at the top of the door. The seal is available in black or white. 
  • The Top seal will help to keep the garage clean and dry and protect equipment and tools from the damaging effects of condensation (i.e. rust.)

The key features of the GaraDry Garage Door Top Seal are:

  • seals gaps of up to 40mm;
  • specifically designed to be both rigid and flexible;
  • available in two colours; white or black;
  • available in two lengths 2438mm (8ft) or 3048mm (10ft);
  • instantly improves the overall appearance of the garage door;
  • conserves heat inside the garage;
  • available in white to match most garage doors;
  • prevents wind-driven rainwater and draughts from being blown into the garage;
  • quick and easy to fit;
  • may be fitted to new or existing up-and-over garage doors;
  • made from materials that are UV stabilised and are both environmentally-friendly and recyclable.

Product size

The Top Seal is available in 8ft (2438mm) or 10ft (3048mm) lengths and has a depth of 40mm.

Screws and washers

The GaraDry Top Seal Kit includes 10 number 8 x 3/4" (4mm x 20mm) Zinc Plated Twinthread Roundhead Phillips wood screw screws and 10 number bright zinc Metric Penny Washers BZP M5 x20.

Product construction

The GaraDry Top Seal is constructed from ridged and flexible thermoplastic material. The ridged top section allows the product to be attached to the head of the frame without bowing. The flexible section will allow the product to bend and flex when the garage door is closed and opened.

The Thermoplastic (Material)

The GaraDry Top Seal is made from high quality thermoplastic material that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable.
The material used for the Garage Door Top Seal contains a UV stabiliser to inhibit the damaging effects of bright sunlight.

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