Garage Door Flood Barrier Kit 40mm (H) x 175mm (W) - Includes Sealant


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GaraDry 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter Kit 

A ramp-shaped threshold seal and flood diverter that is designed specifically to form a watertight seal between the garage door and the floor. Its height means that it will keep out water that collects during even the heaviest of downpours, as well as help stop debris being blown in.

While it stands high, its construction means that the ramp will easily squish down when pressure is applied to its top, allowing cars and other vehicles to easily drive over it.

The Problem

Throughout the year, the wind drives rainwater, leaves, dust and other debris under your garage door. This can lead to the build up of leaves, litter and rubbish in your garage or warehouse and also leaves your products open to being spoiled by the weather, surface water, and condensation.

The Solution

The 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter is an excellent solution to this problem. While some people may fit an aqua grid, they will find that it is both time consuming and expensive and may well have a negative effect on your day to day trade as the work is being carried out.

The 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter Kit from Weather Stop is the perfect alternative: it is easy to install and comparatively inexpensive.

Specifically, it eradicates the damaging effects of wind-blown rainwater. It may also prevent small rodents from entering the garage. It will also reduce the damaging effects of condensation (e.g. rusting metals or textiles and paper getting damp, going mouldy or rotting) by keeping the garage dry and equipment, materials and tools protected. Additionally, many people that fit a Threshold Seal find that their energy costs have been reduced as a result of heat conservation.

The fitting kit comes complete with sealant which holds the seal firmly in position even when it is driven over by vehicles.

Key features of the GaraDry 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter Kit

The Threshold Seal is suitable for use with up and over garage doors, side hinged doors, roller garage doors, industrial roller shutter doors, sectional garage doors and industrial sectional doors.

  • Robust and stays in position when driven over by vehicles.
  • Seals gaps of up to 40mm between the floor and the bottom of your garage door.
  • Can be fitted to new or old doors.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Can be fitted in most weather conditions.
  • Yellow safety strips help prevent it being a tripping hazard.
  • Reduces heat escaping from underneath the door.
  • Made from materials that are both environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Product Size

The seal is available in nine different lengths ranging from 2.0m (6’6”) to 9.0m (29’6”) and has a depth of 40mm and a base width of 175mm.

Each kit will come with more than enough sealant to ensure the seal is fixed firmly to the floor.

Please note these seals are supplied in lengths of up to 3m. To create lengths longer than 3m two or more lengths will be supplied and would need to be joined together with the adhesive provided. 

Product Construction

The 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter is constructed from a mixture of flexible and rigid thermoplastic material. It has has two yellow strips running along the sides of the ramp (one yellow strip each side) to prevent it from being a trip hazard.

The base of the GaraDry Floor Seal is serrated and grooved to ensure maximum bonding between the GaraDry Seal, the sealant and the floor.

It has been designed and developed by a qualified British Industrial Designer and is protected by a Community Design Registration (002188102) and Trademark (2484335) (2524041).

The Thermoplastic (Material)

The door seal is made from high quality thermoplastic that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. The black and the yellow material is also UV stabilised giving it extended life when it is exposed for prolonged periods of strong sunlight.

The 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter Kit

Your 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter Kit includes the seal, the suitable number of tubes of black MS polymer sealant required for the length of seal you have ordered, and fitting instructions.

The sealant is easy to apply (in all weather conditions) and bonds within a few minutes of its application. It is recommended that the 40mm Garage Door Floor Seal and Flood Diverter is not driven over for a minimum of 24 hours after fitting in order for the sealant to completely set. 

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