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Weather Stop
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Product Description


Wrap-Around Rubber Shutter Seal from Weather Stop


Designed specifically to fit on the bottom 75mm T-Bar that is on most standard roller shutter doors.

It serves two main functions:-

1) When the door is closed, its flexible rubber and construction forms a barrier between the bottom of your door and the floor keeping out the wind, rain and other inclement weather conditions.

2) When the door is partially or fully raised, the seal's built in bright yellow strip acts as a safety device showing clearly to everyone that the door is raised and thus a potential hazard.


The Problem

Rain penetration is a major cause of dampness in private and commercial garages but, as it is different from other forms of dampness such as condensation and rising damp, a different solution is required.  Often the interface between the floor of a warehouse and a door is the source of water penetration.  Rain will run vertically down the face of a door and then be driven by the wind into a garage.  Left unchecked water intrusion may degrade packaging, materials, furniture and equipment.  Surface water is also a potential slip hazard.

The Solution

A Wrap_Around Shutter Seal is one of the solutions to this problem. If a T-Bar runs along the length of the underside of your roller shutter door then a Wrap-Around seal can be easily fitted to it. Once fitted, and the door is closed, its flexible rubber and construction forms a barrier between the bottom of your door and the floor keeping out the wind, rain and other inclement weather conditions. However, there is a second benefit to fitting one of these seals to your roller shutter door. As we all know, when a roller shutter door is being raised or lowered, or is left between being fully open or closed, then it can be a hazzard for people and drivers. The Wrap-Around Shutter seal has a built in bright yellow strip that runs along both sides of its entire length that shows clearly to everyone that the door is in a position that is a potential hazard.

If more protection is needed against the elements, then the Wrap-Around Shutter Seal can be used in conjunction with a Threshold Seal to stop water ingress even when the door is open for a long time. 

There is an added bonus in that, once the seal is fitted and the door is fully closed, it is theft-proof.


The key features of the Weather Stop Wrap-Around Shutter Seal

The bottom of the seal has six small fins which help to create a watertight seal preventing, rain, leaves, dust and debris from being blown under the door. This will help to keep the warehouse clean and dry and protect equipment, products and tools from the damaging effects of condensation and damp.  

The Weather Stop Roller Shutter Wrap-Around Door Seal has warning stripes running along each side of the product for maximum visibility when the door is open. The yellow strip is a significant health and safety feature that alerts individuals to the immediate danger of walking under a partially -raised  shutter.  It also alerts forklift users to a similar danger. 


Product Size

The Weather Stop Roller Shutter Wrap-Around Door Seal is available in 10 different lengths from 2m (8' 2") to 10m (32' 8"). It has a depth of 30mm and is 87mm wide

Product construction

The Wrap-Around Shutter Seal is made from high quality flexible thermoplastic material. 

The Thermoplastic (Material)

The door seal is made from high quality thermoplastic that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable.  The black and the yellow material is also UV stabilised giving it extended life when it is exposed for prolonged periods of strong sunlight.

The Kit

The Wrap-Around Shutter Seal is so easy to fit that it requires no fixing kit as such. Along with your seal, you will receive full fitting instructions. To ensure a perfect fit you may require a pencil, tape measure, and a good knife such as a Stanley knife.



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