Gliderol Electric Roller Shutter Door 2.73m (9') high, with four choices of width and eleven different colours.


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GlideRol A Door 2.73m (9') high (as per your choice of width and colour) complete with a GlideRol GRD+ remote control motor system.

The GlideRol•a•Door represents the very best of a refined door design. The Gliderol name is synonymous with roller doors and the GlideRol•a•Door continues to be a highly popular choice today. Eight out of ten roller doors in the UK bear the Gliderol brand name. 


  • Totally reliable and robust, the attractive ribbed design is as strong as it is good looking.
  • These doors are light and, when fitted with the GRD+ motor, you'll have the perfect combination meaning that you will possibly never have to leave your car gain in order to get drive into your garage.
  • The motor comes with two remote control fobs and you can buy more separately.
  • The continuous curtain of a GlideRol•a•Door is very strong, yet flexible enough to coil around the door barrel. A neat smooth mid grey inner face is simple to keep clean and reflects light into the garage. Colourful finishes really make this a versatile choice – and we offer 11 classic colours to coat the outer surface of the door, and the patented rib profile is very pleasing to the eye.
  • Apart from admiring the finish of the door, you’ll rarely notice your door apart from when you pause to allow the motor to open it. 
  • The strength of the door is matched with twin solid locking bars for a secure closure.
  • High grade finishes coat the steel that are highly durable and will simply wipe clean.


GlideRol•a•Door and GRD+motor’s guarantee is straightforward and comprehensive giving complete peace of mind:

  • 2 year electric warranty
  • 6 year mechanical warranty
  • 10 year door finish warranty


The GlideRol•a•Door is almost a design classic - its first version was produced over twenty years ago and it has undergone a series of refinements to bring today’s design into being. Gliderol’s strong, corrosion protected and patented steel profile is the market leading product for a number of simple reasons. Great aesthetics, durable and diverse colour options and ultra-reliable performance are the key factors in GlideRol•a•Door’s reputation.

Extra wide openings - over 5m - can be accommodated by fitting a removable center mullion between two doors allowing unrestricted access to openings up to 8m wide

The spring assisted opening is light, smooth and quiet, while the top of the door side guides allows the door to roll tightly and smoothly around the barrel drum.

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