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Commercial Threshold Seal Kits - 15mm high x 95mm wide - inc fixings

£63.18 (inc VAT) £52.65 (exc VAT)
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10.00 KGS
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Product Description

Commercial/Garage Threshold Seal Kit 15mm high x 95mm wide


Seal Kit Includes:

1) Flat bar inserts
(2) Bottom insert seals
(3) "Non-slip" grooved surface
(4) Aluminium Threshold
(5) Threaded hole for grub screw
(6) T30 screwdriver bit
(7) Allen Key
(8) Concrete fixing screws 6x60mm
(9) Grub Screws


Product Features:

prevents water, leaves, dust and debris from being blown under commercial shutters / garage doors;
incorporates two continuous rubber seals that run along the bottom of both sides of the aluminium section(s) creating a tight seal once the threshold  is secured to the floor;
requires no sealant, fixing screws provided;
features concealed screws that prevents  wear and tear;
suitable for apertures up to 9 metres;
is robust and will stay in position when driven over by vehicles;
seals gaps of up to 15mm high;
prevents heat from escaping underneath the shutter/door;   
is quick and easy to fit with pre-drilled holes;
may be fitted to new or existing commercial shutters, domestic roller doors, sectional doors and up- and -over doors;
is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom;
is manufactured in aluminium to allow easy access into premises by hand pallet trucks, forklifts and other large vehicles; 
is robust, durable and suitable for commercial use;
provides a viable alternative to fitting an aqua grid;
may be fitted in all weather conditions;
may be removed if required;
is specifically designed to address health and safety issues. 
protected by a Community Registration (001821463)


Available Sizes Kits

Our 15mm high commercial threshold now ships in 1m sections that join together with high tensile locking bars. The bottom seal inserts are supplied in one continuous length to create the watertight seal.The aluminium alloy profile has been modified to allow the locking bars to lock the lengths together into one continuous solid piece.


Rubber Seals

The two rubber seals run beneath both wings of the aluminium section(s) creating a tight seal when the threshold is secured to the floor. A watertight seal is formed when the screws are tightened. This stops water from coming in under the threshold seal.

Vertical legs extend downwards from the underside of the threshold. These legs or projections make contact with the floor when the threshold is compressed. 

The vertical legs may serve to disperse pressure on the threshold seals and thereby prevent or inhibit the over-compression of the two bottom seals.


Continous seals for all lengths 

The aluminium threshold may be joined together to suit the width of the opening to which it is to be fitted. Different lengths of threshold may be butted together but continuous lengths of top and bottom seal ensure a watertight seal.  


The threshold seal installation steps

Measure the aperture and cut the threshold and seals to size
Positioning the threshold ramp plate between the jambs of the doorway
Marking and drilling screw holes onto the floor and
Driving the screws into the floor thereby compressing the bottom seals until the lower edges of the spacer edges contact the floor.


Concealed fixing screws 

The fixing screws have been concealed innovatively to protect them from wear and tear. Heavy vehicles, people and goods frequently enter and leave garages and warehouses, resulting in the threshold seal being subjected to repeated impacts and abrasion, resulting in excessive wear. 

Conventional threshold seals are fixed to the floor using screws that are not protected. When vehicles and objects roll over the threshold it may deform, there by loosening the screws in the concrete.  If the screws come into direct contact with vehicle wheels and objects, they can become damaged and/or shear.  And screws that are not recessed could pose trip hazards and look unsightly. 

The Weather Stop threshold addresses these problems and eradicates any movement, damage or trip hazard.  


Aluminium body and grooved ramp portions

The Weather Stop Threshold Seal is made from heavy duty aluminium construction and has a milled finish.   It is designed to be robust and durable.

Easy access into premises by hand pallet trucks, forklifts and other large vehicles is facilitated. The surface of the inclined aluminium ramp portions are grooved to serve as foot/wheel grips to aid traction in the event of the threshold becoming wet.


Fitting instructions -

Please call for fitting instructions

Suitable to fit with a manual or automatic commercial roller, sectional doors and up & over, roller and sectional domestic garage doors.



For best results the surface should be smooth and flat and devoid of bumps or troughs.  Remedial action should be undertaken to rectify uneven surfaces prior to fitting the Threshold Seal.


Tools Required

Tape measure
6mm masonry drill bit 
Electric screw driver 




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1.     This is a general standard product by SBM Direct.
2.     Installation is not included in the price.
3.     Delivery is included in our price to the British mainland (excluding Northern Ireland). You will need to contact us if you are not sure or need to check on extra delivery charges.
4.     Off-loading is the customers responsibility unless otherwise stated.
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6.     This product remains the property of SBM DIRECT until fully paid for.
7.     Insurance for loss or damage of materials once delivered is the responsibility of the purchaser.
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